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      Lying between the Equator and tropic of Capricorn, Madagascar is a fantastic natural conservation with over sixty national parks and various sceneries offering an astonishing fauna and flora diversity.


Even if only a part of its primary forest has been preserved, the Big Island stays one of the richest countries in terms of biodiversity as shown by the strong rates of endemic species (80% of the fauna and 90% of the flora).

 You will meet lemurs, chameleons, frogs, turtles, humpback whales, as nowhere else.

You will discover the carnivorrous plant, thousand varieties of orchids, majestic baobabs and numerous medicinal and aromatic plants that brought renown to Madagascar.



In fact, all of these indicate Madagascar as your next touristic destination, and undoubtedly that our professional expert in tourisme will give you all the needed  satisfaction for a successful trip and stay.

Hello, we are a car rental agency & Tours Organizer that you have dreamed !!!

Welcome to Madagascar

Madagascar has a strong potential in Tourism. There are many places or interesting sites that you can discover in the island as TINA has already visited the 90% of the tourist sites of Madagascar and even the hidden or isolated places that no one has ever set foot.


In fact, everything contributes to Madagascar being your next tourist destination, and no doubt that our services and our very professional experiences bring you all satisfaction to the success of your trip and your stay in Madagascar.


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    Basile (vendredi, 09 décembre 2016 13:08)

    J'aimerai faire un tour à Mada mais comment va se passer ?


Madagascar is your right Destination 

There are several destinations in Madagascar that are listed and identified all its biodiversities as well as SOUTH, NORTH and EAST, are the best known or most frequented by visitors.


But, there are also HAUTS PLATEAUX, CENTER and WEST

Which are less frequented.

Another activity tha we can organize



Madagascar is a beautiful destination for relaxing.

Our traditions, our culture such as the "Détournement of Death", the "Circumcision local", the traditional wedding and also the " Folklorique Danse" will allow you to distract you during your trip and do not forget also that we organize an excursion in Sea for Fishing, diving, or surfing.





We offer several places in Madagascar that you can discover.

The National parks, handicrafts, hidden treasures, isolated Paradises, make the whole of the Tourist Site of Madagascar that you must discover or adventure.

Ex: Caves, Underground Rivers, Train Trip, Descent of Rivers, Lakes, Tsingy, ....




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